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Do you sometimes find it hard to pick up your Bible? To know where to begin, what you are even reading, how to study + dig deeper, how Jesus is seen throughout all of scripture, God’s character as seen on all the pages, how all this applies to our lives?? I get it friend. I have most definitely been there too! It can be so overwhelming and intimidating for sure. What I have discovered over the years though is that it becomes easier if you have someone to read alongside you, so please join me as we open our Bibles to read together – one chapter at a time. Friends, let’s not just read the Bible together; instead, let’s seek to finally begin to understand how all the pieces of the Bible fit together to tell an amazing story that includes your life (+mine) today. Whether it is in your car, on your lunch break, while folding laundry or on a walk, let’s dive in together. I can't wait!


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I imagine you may be asking yourself right about now just who is mfahring? Well, I am by no means a Bible expert or scholar, but I do love studying + researching, and it brings me so much joy to share what I am learning with others. I also just LOVE helping people grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus. Truthfully, I have been studying the Bible over the last 20 years (sometimes more consistently than others of course!) + I have also been part of and even led quite a few Bible study groups in that time... one thing I have discovered is that no matter what age or life season I am in, I am constantly amazed by all the new things I am learning and how the Bible continues to change and shape me. With all this in mind, please know that I absolutely can’t wait to share this time together in God’s Word with each one of you!

I’m M :: Your Podcast Host, Bible Study Partner + Friend. 


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