My own journey in reading God’s Word began back in 2000 when my sweet friend Barb not only encouraged me to open the Bible for myself, but also offered to begin a chronological reading plan along with me. That time spent reading my then newly purchased NIV Study Bible opened my eyes to the fact that Jesus wants a relationship with each one of us and that God cares about our lives intimately + relationally.

Truthfully, my English and journalism major/research brain + a desire to grow closer in my relationship to God + to develop a more personal and well tested strong faith in God and His promises, all led me to read through the entirety of the Bible in 2000, and to continue in Bible studies to this day.


Fast forward to today, I have been studying the Bible the last 20+ years off and on… Sometimes more consistently than others… And one thing that I’ve learned is that no matter what season or life stage you’re in, that there’s always something for us to learn. I’m also beginning to see the big picture/overall story of the Bible = God’s love + redemption + promises (both the ones fulfilled and to come). A few other things that I am now consistently on the lookout for as I study the Bible…

• Jesus as seen throughout.
• God‘s character as revealed on all the pages.
• Seeing ourselves on the pages and/or application to our lives today.

Join me as we Open Our Bibles together. I can't wait to journey alongside you!

me too, friend, me too...

During the Covid pandemic, Jason + CT casually mentioned one day the possibility of using the Swick Shed we were given in 2020 to start podcasting out of since we were unable to meet in person for church or life group during that time. Leading life group and one-on-one Bible studies with people had become a passion of my heart along with seeing others’ lives be transformed and even witnessing them come to life as they recognized themselves or learned new things while studying the pages of the Bible. Add to that passion the fact Jason and others often say that my eyes sparkle and I seem to come alive when I discover something new in my study and reading of the Bible. My heart's desire is to see that be true in other people’s lives as well… Those a-ha moments that deepen our faith and understanding of God and His love for us.

Are you ready to stop making excuses, open the pages of God's Word, and truly learn to love digging in + studying for yourself?

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Hosting a podcast from the M&M Swick Shed to encourage all of us to dig in to the pages of the Bible together.

Discovering new truths and insights while studying the Bible and then of course sharing ALL the details with others!

Creating an inviting home environment (and life really) for people to feel welcome to drop in at anytime to do this crazy, messy life together with us!

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