With that being said, please know that I simply can't find the right words to express how very glad I am that we found each other here. I am super hopeful you will join with me as we Open Our Bibles.


I absolutely LOVE to walk alongside others as we journey through the pages of our Bibles 

welcome my friend.

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Open Our Bibles Together with MFahring podcast can be found every other Wednesday wherever podcasts are found.
I can't wait for you to join me as we open God’s Word to read together – one chapter at a time.  

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I am a pastor's wife + mom to the Fahring5 (yes 5!), and, in all the spare time my life allows, I can be found at the M&M Swick Shed writing, studying, and hosting the Open Our Bibles Together with MFahring podcast.

I live with my high school sweetheart turned husband, Jason, and our handful of Fahrings in a small town of roughly 600 people (and no stoplight! LOL!) in rural Kansas.

I am here to help you take the fear, confusion, overwhelm, stress, frustration & just plain ol’ intimidation out of the Bible study process + encourage us to keep coming back to our Bibles, on the hard days and the good days, the confusing days and the aha days, because we will surely discover God, Jesus, and even ourselves as we work our way through the books of the Bible - one chapter at a time.

I absolutely love opening the Bible and learning alongside others so enter my hosting of a podcast where you and I get to study together, no matter where you are on your faith journey. I so hope you’ll join me.

Hello there! I'm Michelle, but some of my closest friends call me M.